Letters to a daughter from her parents, starting from before she was born

Monday, July 1, 2013

11 week journal

Hey baby!
We had a wonderful visit to the midwife last week. I really liked the practice, and dad felt comfortable there too.  Instead of having to come every month, it's every 6 weeks, which is fine by me.  You are already expressing yourself by refusing to let us hear your heartbeat with the dopplar.  We'll see you when we get back from Maine though, and go for an ultrasound.  The midwife confirmed the due date, so you are due on January 20th.  Please be punctual, unlike your father.  If you were to inherit my slight OCD when it comes to being on-time/15 minutes early, I wouldn't complain.


How Far Along
: 11 weeks baby. 2 more weeks in this trimester!

Size of baby: You're the size of a lime!

Gender: I think I should start taking bets...

Movement:  I know you're moving in there, but we won't feel it for a couple of months.  

How I'm Changing: My belly is getting rounder and rounder daily, it seems like.  

Total Weight Gain/Loss: ~10lbs. I'm scared of the scale.  

Maternity Clothes: maternity skirts and sweats all the way baby! 

How I'm Feeling: I'm actually feeling pretty good right now.  

Sleep: I'm sleeping pretty well, but my back is sore.  

What I miss: Motivation to exercise, and lunch meat.  

What I'm Eating:  I ate most of a lemon tart yesterday.  I think I could do that again today...

Cravings: I misheard dad last night and thought he said something about waffles, and I've been craving them since.  I don't think I'm getting any waffles though.  


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