Letters to a daughter from her parents, starting from before she was born

Friday, April 25, 2014

13 week update

Hey sleepy babe,
Right now you're passed out on your father's chest. It's pretty adorable.  You are the queen of smiles. The other day you were crying and trying to smile at the same time...it was pitiful and so sweet.

This week you're really enjoying your toys more. You are playing more mindfully, and longer.  You seem to be happy laying on your playmat, or this morning you enjoyed laying on the pillow facing the bird mirrors on the wall chattering to them. Oh...and your chattering is just so adorable, even if you wake me up with it.

Sleep...meh, you're sleeping 4-5 hour chunks but the last couple of nights you've gone to bed late, and wanted to nap most of the day.  We've been taking walks most day as well.  You like your stroller, and looking around, and although I like wearing you, your stroller provides a level of protection from the sun in your eyes. You aren't a fan.

It's amazing seeing you grow up little one. You're so special and so absolutely perfect. I love watching you and your father interact.  There may be nothing sweeter in this world.

Peace little one,

I took this picture...with my chin and it's a personal favorite.

Your onsie was made during my baby shower!
One of many awesome peices of art. 

You're really loving your play mat

Monday, April 21, 2014

Play time!

Child developent is really fascinating. Each week I get an email with a list of things you might start doing.  The 'wonder week' application discusses different weeks as being the times that you gain new skills. This wonder week includes learning things like blowing spit bubbles (oh yes you do), and an ability to smoothly follow objects. You're also starting to play, mindfully, not accidentally.  You were really happy to lay on you mat today and bat at the different toys. Then you'd get excited, kick, manage to turn yourself around and bat at different toys.

ps.  I am aware that I was holding my tablet the wrong direction when I made this, but at least it wasn't upside down!  

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy First Easter

Happy first Easter!!

We had a fabulous day. You slept for eight (holy crap!) hours straight last night, and woke up in an awesome mood. After your morning nap (with dad), we took some photos on my tablet. The last time grandma was here, she bought you an adorable dress and demanded that we take lots of pictures of you in it. Obviously we had to oblige.

In the afternoon, we went over to Mary Jo's parent's house for a wonderful Easter dinner and, were you were passed around and loved by all. It was a fantastic time.  We really have wonderful friends, and I feel so blessed to share you with them.

After having a stressful night last night (my phone is broken among other things), it was a wonderful day of destressing and spending a wonderful time with friends.

Next year kiddo, you get to go find lots of eggs. You probably won't be able to eat any of it...but you'll have fun anyways.


Mom & Dad
Thank you MJ for holding me all day!

Cute dress from Grandma
Look who finally discovered collage aps!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

12 week update

You are three months old! Wow...time has flown. How many time will I say that in this blog?  Every time I look at older pictures of you, I am blown away by how much bigger you are!

Developments: You're going through a 'wonder week' which meant that we didn't get much sleep for a few days, but you're starting to sleep a bit better now and I think that we're finally getting into a routine. Tonight I nursed you until you were sleepy, laid you down and sorta hung out. I had to pick you up and comfort you once, and you fell asleep on your own. We'll see how long you sleep though.

My phone isn't working, so I don't have any new pictures to post. Let's call it a throw back Thursday and post some older pictures. The first two are pictures we took when your grandparents were visiting, the third is picture from when you were born. Oh my you were so teeny!!

One of your first pictures were with dad! You can see me laying in the background.

Friday, April 11, 2014

11 week update


This week the weather has finally gotten warmer, and we've been going for walks every day. You really seem to enjoy your stroller, and I enjoy being in the sun. I really must buy some new sunscreen though, apparently I tossed all our old stuff and with our ridiculously pale pallor, sun screen is a must.

Developmentally, you are stubbornly refusing to roll over for us any more. You did it three times and apparently decided enough was enough and you'd rather be on your back so you can watch your toys.  We aren't concerned though. It's interesting to watch how your attention span grows daily.  You like laying under your play gym longer, and enjoy watching things for loner.  It's pretty incredible how fast you're developing.

We've been attempting to dress you in different outfits daily rather than letting you wear nothing but sleepers.  It was easy to slack on that one for a couple of months, but it's getting warmer, and you have all of these cute outfits that I need to take pictures of you in.  Cloth diapering is going well, although sometimes I feel like I need to wash them twice, which is rather wasteful energy/water wise.  We'll figure out a good routine eventually.  Your skin seems to like the cloth diapers more as well.

We are teaching you to sleep without us, and while I do miss you, it's also night to have an arm back.  It's hard to get anything done while holding you. I really can't wait until you have a more predictable schedule rather than taking lots of short naps.  You've been sleeping for six hours at night, just not last night.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

10 weeks

This week we finally had your 8 week appointment. Apparently having snow constantly makes it hard  to keep the office open. 
Your stats are
11 lb 10 oz
15 1/4 head circumference
23" long
50, 50, 50

Remember you started out as a really big baby and now you're average for your age but you're still very strong.
Lovelace on the Ada! Thank you to Amelia for
this awesome diaper!
We also started cloth diaper this week. It's really exciting to see all the adorable designs and you seem to like them as well! I took a picture of the first one you wore because because was named Lovelace,  after your namesake,  Ada Lovelace. So fitting and so pretty. Your butt is styling!
My new mothers support group is fun and it's nice to see you in comparison to other babies and talk to the other moms. I can see us making some lasting friends
The weather is finally getting nicer, so we're starting to go out on walks more. You like your stroller quite a bit, and you don't even need the car seat in it.  I'm looking forward to using you as a perfect excuse to spend lots of time outside. I do need to throw some sunscreen in the diaper bag though,  because I managed to get burned during our first walk.
sleepy face. I adore the squished lips
Last minute nap with grandma
I call this your 'superman sprawl'.  
Insert JoCo's Stroller Town song