Letters to a daughter from her parents, starting from before she was born

Monday, November 25, 2013

31 week journal

We're going to meet you soon and can't wait.  Hopefully over Thanksgiving we'll get your room set up, and get ready for your baby shower! December is going to be a month of childbirth classes, it seems.  I feel like I'm running out of time, but really...I've got time. I don't need to have *everything* done before you get here although my crazy neurotic side wants it all done....yesterday.

How far along: 31 weeks

Size of baby:  
Average size: 15.2-16.7 inches, 2.5-3.8 lb.

Gender: girl

Weight gain: I'm doing better at gaining more slowly.  I think the vitamin D is keeping me awake so I can move more, and I'm having less cravings.

Movement: You move a lot.  You're not kicking so much anymore as much as flipping around. It feels pretty awesome, but sometimes...sorta painful.  You had some fun hiccups yesterday though.

How I'm Changing: I'm looking more and more pregnant.  I'm getting settled into the idea of being mom.  I can't wait to meet you.

Maternity Clothes: I'm loving my maternity shirts. They're awesome and long.  I pretty much layer everything. I like the tummy support in maternity pants, but they aren't really comfortable for long periods of time, so I generally wear them out and immediately change back into jeans when I get home.

How I'm Feeling: Pretty good. I have ups and downs. I had a really good day on Saturday when we went to IKEA.

Sleep: I'm getting up more at night, but I'm dealing with shorter bouts of sleep better, as long as dad doesn't snore the entire night, and keep me awake.

What I miss: umm...flexibility?  I'm noticing that I can't do things like cross my legs anymore (that that I was doing it much before).

What I'm Eating: Turkey!!  We had a fakesgiving with our friends last night. Lots of turkey was involved.

Cravings: I love cheese on water crackers with cran-apple butter.  It's not a craving...it just makes me happy.  I have none of those weird cravings for fried food that I was having earlier.

Best Moment this week: Yesterday's Fakesgiving was fun. With you though...the other night, dad really felt you roll around and kick.  I love it every single time this happens.
We also had a most excellent visit to IKEA, and although the purpose of the visit wasn't to buy things for you...I might have picked some things up for you, and taking pictures of dad doing silly things.


Why Hello Belly!
Here's my obligatory selfie, since seeing my belly grow is the real reason you're here.  I feel like it's getting bigger daily, and my ribs are totally spreading.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

30 week journal

How far along: 30 weeks

Size of baby: I have never met a 3lb cucumber, but this week the website says that you're the size of an English cucumber this week, "Average size: 15.2 -16.7 inches, 2.5-3.8 lb. Baby’s strong enough to grasp a finger now." Really? 3lb cucumber?  Let's stick with the squash comparisons, but knowing that you could hold my finger is incredible.

Gender: girl

Weight gain: Too much! I started tracking food/weight more, although I'm noticing if I get dehydrated my hands/feet swell and retain a ton of water. One day I lost 2 lbs in water weight.  Ouch.

Movement: You're pretty chill today (and you kicked as soon as I wrote that), but yesterday you were sloshing around and moving a lot. You weren't kicking, just moving, which is still a really odd feeling.  I think you may have turned the right direction, since I'm feeling up and down kicks vs. side to side ones.

How I'm Changing: Thirty weeks hit, and my feet hurt and my hands are swelling. I'm waddling more, my belly is getting more pronounced.

Maternity Clothes: I've got one pair of really comfortable (to sit in) maternity jeans. The others get too tight when I sit.  I just wear sweats at home, and if I go out I change into the nicer pants.

How I'm Feeling: Not too bad, although I'm libel to not be quite as polite as perhaps I should be. My having my hands/feet swell is pretty difficult though.

Sleep: I'm adjusting much better to getting up at night to use the bathroom.  I am also getting better at napping, with it not leaving me feeling worse afterwards.

What I miss: I miss...not feeling like there is this HUGE life changing deadline over my head.

What I'm Eating: This week...too many cupcakes.  My birthday party and college baby shower both had cupcakes...

Cravings: Earlier this week I really wanted pomegranate. I think part of that had to do with my desire to see Dad wack a pomegranate with a spoon though.

Best Moment this week: I had a fabulous dinner party for my birthday with a few close friends, followed two days later by a wonderful college friend baby shower.  It is always wonderful to get together with my college friends and we all had a wonderful time.  I needed a serious nap this morning though.

Obligatory belly rubbing (Thanks Janie for the pictures)
Oh my love...I can't wait to see you.  I still can't believe that there is a life inside of me, but all of your stuff has been taking over our house, so that's making it seem a bit more 'real.'  You continue to amaze me when you react to your dad's voice.  It's so sweet (and hilarious) when you kick him in the head.  I think you'll probably continue this habit even after you're born.


Sunday, November 10, 2013

29 week journal

How far along: 29 weeks

Size of baby: This week you've achieved acorn squash sized status.  You're between 2.5-3.8lbs and I'm pretty sure I can feel all those ounces on my bladder at times.

Gender: girl

Movement: Kid...you keep moving, and not necessarily in the way we want you to. For a baby who isn't terribly active, you certainly love to flip flop. Right before the wedding yesterday, I'm pretty sure you turned to lay on my left (very sore) hip verses my right and now I think you're back to my right hip.

How I'm Changing: The third trimester hit me pretty immediately, with soreness and difficulty sleeping.  I'm enjoying naps more.

Maternity Clothes: I'm loving sweats and long shirts.

How I'm Feeling: moody...oh so moody. I feel like I spend a good amount of time apologizing to dad for being so moody.  I'm achy, but still trying to move.

Sleep: Getting up more to use the bathroom, even if I'm not sure that's why I'm awake...it's like meh I'm awake, I might as well try to pee! Naps are also lovely.

What I miss: I miss a lot...but I'm looking forward to the future.

What I'm Eating: I haven't had heartburn in a couple of weeks *yey!*  I am trying to stay away from tomatoes though.  I started tracking my food/calories because the midwife was concerned that I'm gaining too much weight.  I think my issue is more a lack of exercise than consistently overeating.

Cravings: Coke...wow I crave coke.  I also crave baked goods, but I've been trying to cut them out.

Best Moment this week: Seeing my best friend get married and having you kick all through Ave Maria. It was amazing.

Eeek...my birthday is in 4 days, and hopefully we'll have the nursery set up before then!!  We're getting excited to meet you. I feel more of you now than before. Whenever I try to get you on film you stop moving though. I'm starting to wonder if anyone will get to feel you move, since you seem to stop as soon as anyone else touches me.

I came home between the wedding and the reception so I could put my feet up, and asked if dad would take a picture of me in the wedding dress.  My hair was back and super curly, but you can't really see that. I do look verrry pregnant in this dress though.

Love ya,


Sunday, November 3, 2013

28 week journal

Baby...you're getting big, and it's already getting uncomfortable.  Fun times ahead....

How far along: 28 weeks

Size of baby: This week you resemble an eggplant in size, 13.6 -14.8 inches, 1.5-2.2 lb.

Gender: girl

Movement: I'm pretty sure last week you went from being happily transverse to a more amenable (to the doctors) position of head down. Your constant movement slowed down/stopped, and I'm having constant lower backaches.

How I'm Changing: I waddle. Mostly if I'm full of food or need to use the bathroom, but there is a pregnant lady walk happening.  My belly feels bigger, daily. I'm more uncomfortable walking since my feet and back ache more (read: pretty much all the time).  I'm tired after doing such taxing activities as folding laundry, and I'm starting to think that after the wedding I'm in next weekend, I want to hibernate in my house and not drive for awhile.

Maternity Clothes: I bought some from Old Navy, and they arrived this week. I have two really long comfy soft tanks, a long ribbed flannel, and a nice cotton shirt. I also discovered maternity yoga pants. I may be in love.  Obviously, I am quite satisfied with all of my purchases and to make the deal sweeter, they were all insanely cheap. I had them on clearance with 40% off on top of it!  I also bought a nice outfit, on sale, from Motherhood Maternity that should fit for the rest of this pregnancy. It's still in the bag, since I'm obviously really big on going on right now.

How I'm Feeling: Still freaked about how I'm going to make it through this wedding and reception and not crash.  Maybe I will, but, but I can't do much about it ahead of time.  I'm moody, and unpredictably cry...about things like cream cheese.  My blood sugar gets really low in the mornings before breakfast, and I'm noticing that I feel awful until I'm able to eat.  Dad has been wonderful at making me breakfast when he has time.

Sleep: *yey* your dad stopped snoring, mostly because he got over his cold.  I'm sleeping better, but there seem to be more naps in my day.  I'm also getting tired more easily.

What I miss: My feet and lower back not aching all the time.

What I'm Eating: Still eating food, magically enough.  I'm trying to stay away from really acidic things like tomatoes, because they tend to set off the heartburn. I'm enjoying soy yogurt with some granola mixed in for a quick protein hit, along with string cheese.  I'm eating out too much and really need more veggies in my life.

Cravings: Remember that pie craving last week? I ended up making 2, one for us and one for Dad's work...and then I proceeded to eat almost an entire one myself over 3 days.  I don't think I'll do that again. It really did give me a stomachache. I realize I don't really want the crust that much...I'd be happier with more yummy apples and less crust. I must investigate on crust pies.

Best Moment this week: All of your furniture arrived!  Dad has some quality time with you kicking him.  We had a lovely prenatal massage yesterday with my close friend and bride, and that was pretty awesome.  Also...you keep getting presents.

My birthday is in 11 days.  I'm pretty excited, although it will be low key. I think my 'present' is going to be a loveseat for our bedroom so we can set up a little sitting area in there where I can get away and nurse, watch TV or read.  Dad and I realized this past week that we want to change/rearrange every...single...room in the house (barring bathrooms) and it's a little overwhelming to think about.   Perhaps I should stop watching HGTV. It's giving me ideas.  

I was wearing my 'geek inside' shirt. Notice the super long tank top under the shirt, since
for a maternity shirt, it got short really really quickly.