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Sunday, November 10, 2013

29 week journal

How far along: 29 weeks

Size of baby: This week you've achieved acorn squash sized status.  You're between 2.5-3.8lbs and I'm pretty sure I can feel all those ounces on my bladder at times.

Gender: girl

Movement: Kid...you keep moving, and not necessarily in the way we want you to. For a baby who isn't terribly active, you certainly love to flip flop. Right before the wedding yesterday, I'm pretty sure you turned to lay on my left (very sore) hip verses my right and now I think you're back to my right hip.

How I'm Changing: The third trimester hit me pretty immediately, with soreness and difficulty sleeping.  I'm enjoying naps more.

Maternity Clothes: I'm loving sweats and long shirts.

How I'm Feeling: moody...oh so moody. I feel like I spend a good amount of time apologizing to dad for being so moody.  I'm achy, but still trying to move.

Sleep: Getting up more to use the bathroom, even if I'm not sure that's why I'm awake...it's like meh I'm awake, I might as well try to pee! Naps are also lovely.

What I miss: I miss a lot...but I'm looking forward to the future.

What I'm Eating: I haven't had heartburn in a couple of weeks *yey!*  I am trying to stay away from tomatoes though.  I started tracking my food/calories because the midwife was concerned that I'm gaining too much weight.  I think my issue is more a lack of exercise than consistently overeating.

Cravings: Coke...wow I crave coke.  I also crave baked goods, but I've been trying to cut them out.

Best Moment this week: Seeing my best friend get married and having you kick all through Ave Maria. It was amazing.

Eeek...my birthday is in 4 days, and hopefully we'll have the nursery set up before then!!  We're getting excited to meet you. I feel more of you now than before. Whenever I try to get you on film you stop moving though. I'm starting to wonder if anyone will get to feel you move, since you seem to stop as soon as anyone else touches me.

I came home between the wedding and the reception so I could put my feet up, and asked if dad would take a picture of me in the wedding dress.  My hair was back and super curly, but you can't really see that. I do look verrry pregnant in this dress though.

Love ya,



  1. You realize you're almost done, right?? ;) And I swear- the more you walk, the better you'll feel. Yes, your feet will hurt when you're done, and you're hips might be sore, but you're going to be thankful of loosened up hips in a few weeks!!

  2. You look beautiful. Smart Ass Sara is right the more walking you do the easier things will be for you. The tenderness in your hips is from the tendons loosing up in preparation of child birth. You will feel sore from the walking but it does help not only with the sleepiness but the weight gaining. Even if you don't go outside to walk and only go up and down the stairs every step helps.