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Thursday, April 17, 2014

12 week update

You are three months old! Wow...time has flown. How many time will I say that in this blog?  Every time I look at older pictures of you, I am blown away by how much bigger you are!

Developments: You're going through a 'wonder week' which meant that we didn't get much sleep for a few days, but you're starting to sleep a bit better now and I think that we're finally getting into a routine. Tonight I nursed you until you were sleepy, laid you down and sorta hung out. I had to pick you up and comfort you once, and you fell asleep on your own. We'll see how long you sleep though.

My phone isn't working, so I don't have any new pictures to post. Let's call it a throw back Thursday and post some older pictures. The first two are pictures we took when your grandparents were visiting, the third is picture from when you were born. Oh my you were so teeny!!

One of your first pictures were with dad! You can see me laying in the background.

Friday, April 11, 2014

11 week update


This week the weather has finally gotten warmer, and we've been going for walks every day. You really seem to enjoy your stroller, and I enjoy being in the sun. I really must buy some new sunscreen though, apparently I tossed all our old stuff and with our ridiculously pale pallor, sun screen is a must.

Developmentally, you are stubbornly refusing to roll over for us any more. You did it three times and apparently decided enough was enough and you'd rather be on your back so you can watch your toys.  We aren't concerned though. It's interesting to watch how your attention span grows daily.  You like laying under your play gym longer, and enjoy watching things for loner.  It's pretty incredible how fast you're developing.

We've been attempting to dress you in different outfits daily rather than letting you wear nothing but sleepers.  It was easy to slack on that one for a couple of months, but it's getting warmer, and you have all of these cute outfits that I need to take pictures of you in.  Cloth diapering is going well, although sometimes I feel like I need to wash them twice, which is rather wasteful energy/water wise.  We'll figure out a good routine eventually.  Your skin seems to like the cloth diapers more as well.

We are teaching you to sleep without us, and while I do miss you, it's also night to have an arm back.  It's hard to get anything done while holding you. I really can't wait until you have a more predictable schedule rather than taking lots of short naps.  You've been sleeping for six hours at night, just not last night.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

10 weeks

This week we finally had your 8 week appointment. Apparently having snow constantly makes it hard  to keep the office open. 
Your stats are
11 lb 10 oz
15 1/4 head circumference
23" long
50, 50, 50

Remember you started out as a really big baby and now you're average for your age but you're still very strong.
Lovelace on the Ada! Thank you to Amelia for
this awesome diaper!
We also started cloth diaper this week. It's really exciting to see all the adorable designs and you seem to like them as well! I took a picture of the first one you wore because because was named Lovelace,  after your namesake,  Ada Lovelace. So fitting and so pretty. Your butt is styling!
My new mothers support group is fun and it's nice to see you in comparison to other babies and talk to the other moms. I can see us making some lasting friends
The weather is finally getting nicer, so we're starting to go out on walks more. You like your stroller quite a bit, and you don't even need the car seat in it.  I'm looking forward to using you as a perfect excuse to spend lots of time outside. I do need to throw some sunscreen in the diaper bag though,  because I managed to get burned during our first walk.
sleepy face. I adore the squished lips
Last minute nap with grandma
I call this your 'superman sprawl'.  
Insert JoCo's Stroller Town song

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

9 weeks

Right now you're napping with your father. I guess a ever present desire to sleep as much as humanly possible is something you both share. I keep going back over your pictures and am constantly shocked by how much you've grown, and changed. You keep getting longer and leaner, and absolutely lacking desire to roll over for me on camera.  I do have video of you cooing on camera though. I had to remove a bunch of the pictures I'd been taking of you from my phone because it was slowing the entire system down. You're a cute kid, I have to take lots of pictures!

This past Saturday your grandmother came, and she's getting lots of snuggles in. She's also insisting that we change you into more cute outfits.  You've however, decided that this is the perfect week to start spitting up on said outfits. There was even one rather hideous cheetah print outfit that you loved so much that you pooped all over. I think that one lasted maybe two hours. I agreed with your assessment.  Excellent fashion sense, young one.

Newton continues his campaign of indifference.  He sees me sitting on the recliner, and tries his hardest to get on my lap without stepping on you.  He rarely succeeds, and is generally annoyed that he's relegated to the bottom of the chair, but he survives.  Lately he's been sleeping with your grandmother or in dad's sock basket.  One day your father is going to be at work and spend an embarrassing amount of time picking white hair off of his socks.  Henry, not to be one upped, decided he needed to get to an even higher shelf in our closet to sleep. It's very disconcerting to have a black cat meow at you from six feet in the air.
We took our first stroller walk. 

And here for your viewing pleasure are more of the expressions of Miss Ada.

And you passed out

And you saw yourself in the camera and tried to touch it.

That's you wrapped in a blanket. If Henry knew you were there...
he probably would not have stuck around

There is SUSHI on her shirt. I <3 it! 

I keep trying to get pictures of your eyes. So blue!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

8 weeks

Beautiful girl,

Happy Naw Ruz! It's the Persian new year and the first day of spring. I can't wait for nice weather to get you outside daily. I still haven't put you in your stroller. Maybe I'll break it out on Saturday. I love wearing you though.

I didnt have a specific St. Patrick's day outfit, but I did have a beautiful teal colored onsie for you. I think it's getting too short for you though,  because instead of pants, the legs are knee length.

Time does fly. I'm loving your new little sounds and awesome smiles. My new mom support group started on Tuesday and I'm really looking forward to getting to know the other women better.

Your grandma is flying in on Saturday. She hasn't flown in decades, so I'm praying this flight is easy and quick. She'll never want to take the train again! Im looking forward to a fun visit and restocking our freezer again.


Saturday, March 15, 2014

Baby smiles

Beautiful girl,
These make our day. Every time you finish eating and wake up you're full of smiles and gurgles. It's pretty awesome.
Mom & Dad

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Seven weeks

You look like the most colorful caterpillar in the world.
All the work I put into this blanket was totally worth it.
This week you're continuing to make new cooing, or in your case gooing noises. It's pretty cute to see you and your father playing 'the nose game.' Whenever he rubs your nose, you make a happy noise. We're also getting more smilies.
Every couple of days you seem to throw up...not spit up, but regurgitate everything you've eaten. It's gross but serving as a excellent excuse for a bath. We know you're sensitive to eggs and we're experimenting with dairy. I'm leery to completely cut out dairy (cheese is all I have) if you're just fussy at your normal time in the evening. Only time will tell.
I really hope I can make it to the store and buy you an adorable St. Patrick's day outfit. I'm enjoying all these photo opportunities, but we really need to get some professional pictures done. You've changed so much in two months, and I long to be that obnoxious parent with too many pictures. I'm slowing killing my phone by having too many pictures on it, and I can't decide which one to take off, because I like trapping people and making them look at every picture I've taken of you..since you were born.  Speaking of that, last night dad and I looked at all of the birth pictures that Cara took, and there are some really awesome ones.

Ready for a walk! I like to spread the passes over you to keep you extra snug.

After a few wonderfully warm days, it's suddenly gotten really cold again and I don't want to take you anywhere. We'd been going on walks every day when it was warmer. I love wrapping you, and you love it too. You generally sleep and occasionally wake up to look around and go back to sleep. I'm not entirely sure what is going on with my goofy smile,but you were so comfortable that it was worth it.  

Thank you little girl for being pretty darn wonderful.  There is so much going on right now that could potentially be cripplingly stressful, but it's not.  Maybe it's you, having you, smelling you, holding you, just makes everything that much better and more manageable.  

Mom (and Dad)
Find the baby!
You're starting  to like playing, and looking in a mirror
I didn't pose you. You're actually sleeping like this. It's a little creepy