Letters to a daughter from her parents, starting from before she was born

Thursday, September 11, 2014

They say that children change you (To my little girl)

  Mother's day, 2013,
    I rearranged my life.
  "Does this look like two lines to you?",
    inquired my hopeful wife.

  The minecraft game I set aside
    was where your crib now stands;
  the little strip of paper
    was shaking in my hands.

  Fear turned into wonder,
    and confidence to doubt,
  as everything that mattered in the world
    just faded out.

  Our cats are just our pets now,
    furry kids no more,
  you chase them 'round the living room,
    across the dirty floor.

  I don't need an alarm clock,
    before the sun to rise,
  the boundless joy upon your face
    drives sleep out of my eyes.

  I used to think that I was tough,
    scars of my youth abound,
  but when you feel an ounce of pain,
    it hits me like a pound.

  They say that children change you,
    you'll never be the same;
  chaos reigns and everything you loved
    goes down in flame.

  But honestly, it doesn't matter
    if any of that's true;
  my biggest contribution to this world thus far
    is you.

love, dad.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Portraits of You (end of 6/7 months)

The evolution of eating a cucumber
Portrait with a bow

Portrait of a sleeping babe on her mother's back

Portrait of a beautiful dress

Portrait of sheer bliss

Portrait of a cat and his girl

Portrait of a girl and her dad, bucking 'traditional gender roles'

Portrait of an early age interest in dentistry

A portrait of surprise

A portrait of happiness incarnate

Saturday, August 30, 2014

6 into 7 month changes

You're changing so much. I look back on your little squish pictures and miss when you were tiny, but I'm loving watching you grow.  You learned to crawl. Um...sorta. It's this army crawl using primarily your arms. You don't have the coordination to get up into the crawl position and actually move forward. It doesn't bother you, since you can book it pretty quickly across the floor, in your constant, but vain attempts to catch the cat. The cats find you mildly amusing and annoying and get very close to you until you try pulling their hair out and then leave in a huff.

I was trying to prepare dinner one night and looked up and saw you moving towards the chair. I quickly grabbed my camera and got some bad video, so the one below is from the next day.

You had been chewing on your fingers frequently, so I finally managed to get a look at your top gum and your right front top tooth is almost through.  That accounts for some serious crankiness and whining lately.
We've sorta of babyproofed the living room so that you can crawl around and not get hurt.  You're enjoying the space to roam and discovered how to turn the x-box off today...while we were watching a show.

You've been taking more naps on my back lately, because it's just not worth fighting with you about sleeping in your crib. If you'll sleep longer on me and sleep through my dropping dishes, all the better.

People occasionally ask if you ever cry. The answer yes, however not that often. You generally whine...a lot. You can even whine and smile at the same time. It's your special power.  Generally you're a really happy baby, because you don't ask for unreasonable things and get your way.  I do wish you'd stop trying to roll away while we changed you though. It's really annoying and drives dad nuts.

Monday, August 18, 2014

6 spectacular monthsI

Baby girl,
I've been slacking on posting here.  You're changing so quickly every day!  I'm going to post more pictures (promise!!)

Weight: Somewhere around 15.5 lbs. The first time we weighed you, you were trying to steal the bottles nearby and it said you were the same weight as two months ago.  You're still in the 50th percent.

Length: almost 27 inches, puts you in the 90th percentile for height.

Head: 50th percentile

Diaper size: 2's to 3's.

Clothing: Sleepers are 6-9 (although you can stretch out more easily in 9-12), onsies are 6-9. I can't button the 3-6 month ones.

Diet: Lots of momma milk. You've been trying lots of fruits and veggies lately though. You really aren't a huge fan of most stuff -- although you seemed to enjoy peaches and grapes. I think texture sort of confuses you, and you gag a lot. We've been practicing with oatmeal, and it's getting better.

baby gear love: You love being wrapped--and I'm getting better at back wraps. You love to be moving, so walks in the stroller are fun too.


  • Teeth!! You got your first one a few days after you turned 6 months, and the second one a week later. You were biting me last week, but we've been bite free for over 24 hours! I think you've adjusted your latch, and there is hope yet.  
  • You can roll every way, and like to spin around in circles to reach all the toys you can.  
  • You love any of your toys that makes music.  
  • You're making 'ga' and 'gee' sounds pretty constantly.

Likes: You like warm water, so the shower and bath are great fun.  You love both of us and get so excited when I go in to get you from your crib. You love sleeping in your crib and do so well at night.  You absolutely love when I sing "You are my sunshine."

Dislikes: You're not a fan of the pool--it's too hot.  Lately...napping.

Things I don't want to forget: EVERYTHING...but I can't remember it all. I don't want to forget how intently you look at things as you examine them. How excited you are to see me. How awesome it felt the first time I rucked you on my back--all on my own.  I don't want to forget the first time you saw bubbles (today!) and nursing you at the pool (your favorite part!), the Big Latch event, the library, IKEA, etc.  You're seriously an awesome, chill kid and I get complements on you daily.

First Ruck. I do have pictures were you're smiling;)

I told Dad to smile. You already were

The bow...too cute for words

You loooooved Micky!

Your teeth a few weeks ago

I think that the teeth may have stopped most of this adorable activity...

Saturday, July 12, 2014

5 months continued

We've been doing lots of practice sitting, pushing and playing...oh and smiling. So many smiles.  Dad helped me do a back carry the other day and you giggled at Riana the entire time we walked. Something about a kid playing peek a boo with you is much funnier than us playing with you.  
You are so much fun, even if you've decided that bedtime means practicing to roll a LOT time.  Oh well...I'm enjoying the snuggles!!

The many faces of Ada doing pushups

I call this, 'bliss'

My fantastic dinner dates

babywearing selfie

You want to lick...everything. 

Monday, July 7, 2014

5 months continued (Annapolis, grandpa visit and solids)

This month has already had lots of fun stuff.  Your growth is coming so quickly now. You went from always falling over when you sat, to sitting and playing by yourself for a few minutes at a time before you fall over...or give up and roll onto your belly.  You can roll easily from your belly to your back, and while you have the muscles you aren't motivated to roll the other direction. You love being worn so you can chew and see the world at the time time.  Life is a big adventure for you!

diaper size: You're still in 2's
clothing: mostly 6-9 month.
I gave you a little on a spoon, but you liked playing with the
whole thing
diet: You're still exclusively breastfed, although you've sucked on a carrot, chewed on a pea and tasted some avocado. You pretty much like everything you can get in your mouth.
sleep: You get up once to eat.
baby gear love: You love all your toys, your exercauser entertains you for a few minutes (we don't want you in there very long anyways), and love being worn.
milestones/firsts: You can sit! You like chewing on veggies
likes: Mom, sleep, giggles, food, toys.
dislikes: When you can't see mom (although you're fascinated with new people), being tired.
You love this toy, and are fascinated by Newton
things I don't want to forget: EVERYTHING!  I don't want to forget the snuggles, the giggles, how delicious you smell, the fun of taking a bath and having you splash so much water that our bathroom almost flooded, the fun you have all the time and the million other little things we do each day. I definitely don't want to forget how much fun you had with grandpa!

Grandpa love!

Dad made a 'paleo pacificer' out of a carrot.
You drooled EVERYWHERE

Grilling with Grandpa and chewing on a pea from his garden

Chilling on the back porch

snuggles with momma

You were all worn out from walking around Annapolis

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

5 months

Dear baby girl,
5 months old
The months have flown by with frightening rapidity.  You're getting so big, but still so tiny. You manual dexterity is increasing by the day, and I can see you learning how to sit by yourself better, and learning the mechanics of crawling. You watch me eat, but have no interest in food in your own mouth. You like to reach into people's mouths (please stop doing this!), and smile all the time.  You're such a fun and easy going child. You have no aversion to strangers and new people, which makes it much easier for me to do things like use the bathroom while we're visiting friends.  You're enjoying watching other babies and people, quite a bit, although today at IKEA you just fell asleep while people watching.

diaper size 2 in disposables, and we've loosened your cloth diapers one spot.
clothing I've packed away all of your 0-3 clothing, and now you're mostly in 3-6 month onsies, 6-9 month pants, and some 6-9 month sleepers, jumpers and outfits.
diet You're still exclusively nursing.  I may be in the minority, but I'm not really looking forward to solids, for a variety of reasons.
sleep You usually sleep 6-7 hours and then another 4-5 after you eat and then perhaps another 2.  You take three naps usually, of varying lengths. They depend on what we're doing that day, and if we're out and about.  You've been nursing for a long time to go to bed, and then waking up and wanting to nurse for a long time again. It might be because you've got 2 teeth that are about to come in, or because you're getting better at sleeping longer stretches at night.
Meeting Mariette for lunch @ IKEA
baby gear love I am loving your high chair that we finally set up. It's great to let you sit and play with your toys.  You love the cold teether that Uncle Shawn brought you. You still like the crinkly monkey, and your sophie giraffe. We just bought you a pacifier attached to a stuffed animal, and you seem to like that you can hold it.
milestones/firsts You're rolling a lot more, although that isn't a first. We're going to have two teeth far too soon though.
likes nursing, giggling, snuggles, being wrapped and walked, playing with your toys,
dislikes waking up alone, being tired/hungry, the last couple of minutes of almost every car ride.
things I don't want to forget I don't want to forget the awesome giggles. I don't want to forget the fun we had on Father's Day, and our wedding anniversary. I don't want to forget how precious it is to hold you close as you nurse, and just let you fall asleep on my chest. I know I will never have this again and I want to cherish every second of your existence.

Thank you for giving us these five months. We are blessed to have you.
This adorable outfit was from Grandma Kimmie
Dad somehow shoehorned you into these TINY TINY pants.
You didn't approve. 
This is the shirt the birth center gave us.
I'm framing it when you out grow it. 
Apparently you can feed yourself bottles now.
Good to know!