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Monday, October 6, 2014

8 months

My love,
You turned 8 months a couple of weeks ago, but your development is changing every day. It's amazing. 

We went on our first long (3 plus hour) car trip this past weekend, and I wish I had a glowing review of your performance, but really you were kind of awful. There was a lot of whining, some hysterical crying and a lot of stops.  Since you are cutting two teeth and had a bit of a stomach bug, I can't really blame you though.  I think we're going to try it again in a few weeks to see if you're more willing to nap in the car when you aren't quite so uncomfortable.  

It was wonderful to see everyone out in WV and introduce you to them.  The same girl that I used to watch when she was just a little bigger than you, gave you some of her toys, and you had a blast playing with her and her sister.  You were adorable and charmed everyone at our friend's baby shower too!  

   We won't know this for a few more weeks, but around 17.5lbs

Diaper size
   Threes in disposables, and the same rise in cloth, although I think I might need to move them so they're longer in the front. 

   Almost everything is 9-12m unless it's stretchy or oversized already.  You fit in some 12m shirts that I bought as well. You're long and skinny, so leggings are perfect, although I'm not sure they're going to be warm enough for the weather we're starting to have.  

   Babyfood you like includes pouches of fruits, puffs and these coconut milk crunchy/dissolving things (baby creamies?).  Otherwise you really prefer small bites of real food. You loved chicken noodle soup, potatoes, beans, tortilla...pretty much anything.  If it's pureed though, you look at it with great suspicion.  
We bought our own reuseable pouches

   You sleep from 7-7, sometimes an hour on either end of those.  You wake up 1-2 times a night to nurse.  

Baby gear love
   You love being wrapped, especially on my back when I'm doing housework.  We bought a city mini stroller that you're quite fond of too!  It's purple, which I love. I can't wait to take some nice long walks in it.  

  Oh my, soooo many!!! Let's see.  You started pulling up on everything so dad had to put the mattress in your crib down.  You still pull yourself to standing in it, but now you aren't at risk for falling out!  You like pulling up on the furniture and are thinking of cruising but generally just stand there until you get bored, and whine/fall on your butt and then crawl somewhere else and start over. 
You can crawl without your belly touching the ground, however it's faster for you to army crawl, so you switch between the two. You're vocalizing much more "ayayayay," "dadadaadad," and now "nahnah." Your ayeyeyyey cry is pretty hilarious.  

  Mom, dad, food, nursing, being carried, baths, playing with her blocks, chewing on everything, the cats. You absolutely love animals.  You met a sheep and laughed hysterically. Dogs make you giggle.  

   Being alone in your crib.  Lentils in your pouched food produced some confused faces. Staying still.  

Things I don't want to forget:
   I love how excited you get when you see me.  You just wiggle and jump and make this super excited squeal. I love watching you try to crawl as quickly as you possibly can towards Newton to try to 'pet' him. I loooove your 'touching' where you touch things with one finger. It is the most adorable thing.  I love your giggles, and seeing you play with your dad. You're just an awesome kid. 

mirror baby is a huge fan of yours


You loved meeting Aunt Michelle! 

You're mocking us....this was your last
night before we lowered your crib!


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  1. I am "over the moon" with you sweet Ada. I enjoyed our Baltimore afternoon adventure. We met in my hotel and played and rested a bit, you didn't seem very interested in eating, but your mom and I were. We took a walk on a new fall day, the air was brisk but the sunshine felt like a hug. You patiently waited for us big girls to eat and did some sampling of your own. When we were done I helped get you in your carrier on your mama's back and you were fast to sleep. We did some shopping which you missed most of, but I enjoyed just looking at you with your beautiful beauty. Back to the room, Aunt Chell was tuckered out. You were happy to indulge me and we played on the bed and rested. What a fun day! Not even one tear or whimper out of you, just beautiful words and giggles. Thank you sweet girl for the day and memories. :)