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Friday, January 16, 2015

11 months Christmas, and coming up on...your first birthday

How quickly this year is passing. Your personality is showing more and more every day. You are starting to talk by saying the first letter of words (mo for more, ka for cat, da for dad, absolutely nothing for mom!).  You had a fantastic time at Christmas. You loved pulling things out of your stocking, and generally liked unwrapping presents.  Dad bought you this hilarious huge gummy bear light that you think is hilarious.  We had so many visitors over the holidays, and had a great time, despite getting colds and a puking illness.  You're sleeping really well at night--just waking once to nurse.  Tomorrow we are having your 1 year pictures taken, and next week is your first birthday party. I really can't believe that you're almost one.  It seems like yesterday you were my little squish.

These overall are just like ones I wore when I was one!

Grandma brought us some accessories

grandpa made you this amazing toy box

The weather was lovely, so we went
to the playground. You loved the slide too!

The gummy light

Christmas PJ's!

Stocking stuffers!

ooohhh toothbrushes!

Christmas outfit!

Walking to Starbucks with Grandpa

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