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Friday, January 16, 2015

10 months (Lots of Thanksgiving pictures)

Ada love,
ohhh 10 months! We took a road trip up to Massachuttses. You stayed in your first hotel, and met over 40 different family members, and saw snow for the first time. You loved EVERYONE and had a smile permanently plastered on your face. You examined every button you could find, and crawled and explored.  You were amazing. Your sleep sorta sucked, but I don't think you like your playpen. You slept better when I just put you in my bed. We had a great visit, and you had a fantastic time.

Here are some things that you do now!
  • Help dress yourself
  • bounces ball, rolls and throws
  • cruises on pulls up on everything
  • loves the cats, and they tolerate you
  • loves being on mom's back
  • super friendly and smiles all of the time, and makes friends where ever you go
  • you love to examine things. you love stuffed animals, they make you laugh hysterically.
  • You love nursing
  • You blow raspberries on everything
  • You give kisses and hugs to mom and dad. 
  • You motion for us to do something again
  • You wave when you want people to leave the room at bedtime.
  • You shake your head
  • You share your food...by trying to shove it in our mouth. 

Aunt Ellen, Uncle Mark and Cousins Mike and Dawn
 the night before we left

Four generation on my side!

Oh this smile

Black Friday shopping

Four generation on my father's side! This was the first time
you met your great grandfather!

Aunt Kellie, my godmother! You loved her!

Grandma at Thanksgiving

Grandpa mesmerizing you with a puppet!

Aunt Annie, and her daughter June (the youngest cousin)
with the first of the next generation!

Look at your fluffy feet!

The first time you ever saw snow!

You were amazed!

The drive up to MA was great!

Our Christmas card!

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