Letters to a daughter from her parents, starting from before she was born

Thursday, April 3, 2014

10 weeks

This week we finally had your 8 week appointment. Apparently having snow constantly makes it hard  to keep the office open. 
Your stats are
11 lb 10 oz
15 1/4 head circumference
23" long
50, 50, 50

Remember you started out as a really big baby and now you're average for your age but you're still very strong.
Lovelace on the Ada! Thank you to Amelia for
this awesome diaper!
We also started cloth diaper this week. It's really exciting to see all the adorable designs and you seem to like them as well! I took a picture of the first one you wore because because was named Lovelace,  after your namesake,  Ada Lovelace. So fitting and so pretty. Your butt is styling!
My new mothers support group is fun and it's nice to see you in comparison to other babies and talk to the other moms. I can see us making some lasting friends
The weather is finally getting nicer, so we're starting to go out on walks more. You like your stroller quite a bit, and you don't even need the car seat in it.  I'm looking forward to using you as a perfect excuse to spend lots of time outside. I do need to throw some sunscreen in the diaper bag though,  because I managed to get burned during our first walk.
sleepy face. I adore the squished lips
Last minute nap with grandma
I call this your 'superman sprawl'.  
Insert JoCo's Stroller Town song


  1. My favorite thing EVER was taking my kids out for walks in their stroller. Besides rocking them to sleep, that's the thing I miss the most.

    1. I think she prefers to be worn, but she seems to enjoy looking out!

  2. These are the cutest freakin' pictures!! Love that she is so content in her stroller. The nice weather is coming around, so I'm sure you'll get a ton of nice walks in soon!

    1. Thanks! I have been taking a million pictures with my phone, but they aren't always the best. She really doesn't mind the stroller and even took a nap with it all the way back. She definitely sleeps better, and more deeply if I wear her though.