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Friday, April 11, 2014

11 week update


This week the weather has finally gotten warmer, and we've been going for walks every day. You really seem to enjoy your stroller, and I enjoy being in the sun. I really must buy some new sunscreen though, apparently I tossed all our old stuff and with our ridiculously pale pallor, sun screen is a must.

Developmentally, you are stubbornly refusing to roll over for us any more. You did it three times and apparently decided enough was enough and you'd rather be on your back so you can watch your toys.  We aren't concerned though. It's interesting to watch how your attention span grows daily.  You like laying under your play gym longer, and enjoy watching things for loner.  It's pretty incredible how fast you're developing.

We've been attempting to dress you in different outfits daily rather than letting you wear nothing but sleepers.  It was easy to slack on that one for a couple of months, but it's getting warmer, and you have all of these cute outfits that I need to take pictures of you in.  Cloth diapering is going well, although sometimes I feel like I need to wash them twice, which is rather wasteful energy/water wise.  We'll figure out a good routine eventually.  Your skin seems to like the cloth diapers more as well.

We are teaching you to sleep without us, and while I do miss you, it's also night to have an arm back.  It's hard to get anything done while holding you. I really can't wait until you have a more predictable schedule rather than taking lots of short naps.  You've been sleeping for six hours at night, just not last night.

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