Letters to a daughter from her parents, starting from before she was born

Friday, April 25, 2014

13 week update

Hey sleepy babe,
Right now you're passed out on your father's chest. It's pretty adorable.  You are the queen of smiles. The other day you were crying and trying to smile at the same time...it was pitiful and so sweet.

This week you're really enjoying your toys more. You are playing more mindfully, and longer.  You seem to be happy laying on your playmat, or this morning you enjoyed laying on the pillow facing the bird mirrors on the wall chattering to them. Oh...and your chattering is just so adorable, even if you wake me up with it.

Sleep...meh, you're sleeping 4-5 hour chunks but the last couple of nights you've gone to bed late, and wanted to nap most of the day.  We've been taking walks most day as well.  You like your stroller, and looking around, and although I like wearing you, your stroller provides a level of protection from the sun in your eyes. You aren't a fan.

It's amazing seeing you grow up little one. You're so special and so absolutely perfect. I love watching you and your father interact.  There may be nothing sweeter in this world.

Peace little one,

I took this picture...with my chin and it's a personal favorite.

Your onsie was made during my baby shower!
One of many awesome peices of art. 

You're really loving your play mat

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