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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

14 weeks

Sorry I'm still on a loaner phone, so the picture situation is annoying...and you decided that bedtimes weren't your thing unless I was going to bed with you, so evenings aren't as predictable anymore.
Our new mom's group ended today, which is sad, but we're going to stay in touch. It's going to be great to see all these babies your age grow up.

Last weekend we had an excellent time at the great cloth diaper change. I let daddy change you, and he ended up having to do it on his lap. See if you can spot him in the pictures!!

new wrap!
I'm currently writing this as I wear you in my (our) gorgeous new wrap called natibaby cogs. It's so beautiful!!

Here ya go:

I loved your face as you chomped down on Sophie that poor giraffe.

Beautiful onesie made my Kristen, and a pretty diaper


tummy time is more fun if I can chew on things

holding up the clean diapers at the Great Cloth Diaper Change.
We put you in Lovelace, of course

After the change

Playing with Daddy

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