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Saturday, May 17, 2014

16 week Grandma visit

This past week has been a flurry of activity. On Saturday we went to our first Wrap Geeks. Dad barely let me hold you, Sunday was Mother's Day, and Grandma arrived on Monday.

I'm sharing this health update on my mom because she gave me permission.  I hadn't updated Facebook about what was going on this last week, but I want to thank the few friends I've told that have offered wonderful support and  prayers.

Three generations!
When we went to Wegman's Tuesday afternoon my mom realized she was having difficulty seeing out of one eye. She got an appointment with our eye doctor at Costco on Wednesday who was very alarmed at she had pressure on her optic nerve. My mom originally was concerned that she scratched a cornea. Instead, she was immediately sent to a ophthalmologist, who wanted her to see a retinal specialist, and get am MRI and blood work. All of this happened extremely quickly...like within 24 hours. Even after all of this happened they still don't know what is causing the pressure, or what they can do to stop it.

While this was really scary, especially for mom, I feel very fortunate that she was here when it happened and was able to get into see three specialists AND get an MRI within 24 hours.  There definitely isn't a glut of eye specialists in the corner of Ohio where they live. Her next step is to visit specialists in Michigan when she gets home.  She got to snuggle Ada between her appointments, and we have been able to spend quality time together.  Despite all of this, we did actually have a wonderful time together, and I'm happy that my mom got to witness all of the wonderful Ada smiles.

My sweet Ada,

Little babe...please do us a solid and STOP the screaming when you're tired trend. You know that random 'I'm going to scream and refuse to nurse so that I can go to sleep but omg I need to go to sleep now' scream.  It got old...before it started.  The drooling has reach hilarious proportions.

Tired Mama
p.s. omg my new phone takes AWESOME pictures.
Oh Hai! I can has eat camera?

I make mommy tired and blow
bubbles all day

Peek a boo!

Sleeping, playing, chewing

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