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Friday, May 23, 2014

4 months of awesome

Today, by the date (not weeks) you're four months old. I think instead of weeks I might change this to month plus week. The weeks start to get confusing at this point.

Weight : We find out next week! You're getting so long though.

Diaper size: 2's in disposables, and in cloth we usually leave one or two sets of buttons in the middle, on the highest rise.

Clothing: You can fit in all your 3-6 month stuff, but 6-9 month shirts and pants fit you as well.

Diet : momma milk

Sleep : We're transitioning you to the crib and while you don't mind (you haven't cried about it at all) you are waking up every couple of hours, but quickly and happily going back to sleep. The problem is that I'm then awake and can't get back to sleep. You're finally getting a regular napping schedule that I routinely mess up by having to take you out of the house.

Baby gear love : You're really starting to like your toys. You love your swing. We are starting to try out the bumbo seat with you but your crinkly monkey chew toy is an absolute favorite.

Milestones/firsts: You started to laugh but earlier dad was giving your belly raspberries and you were serious full out giggling. It was AWESOME.   You're also finding your feet, and trying unsuccessfully to eat them.

Likes: food, sleep, mom, dad playing with you, going for walks. You love to nap in your stroller.

Dislikes: Being over tired.

Things I don't want to forget: How awesome that first giggle was, and all the fun visitors we've had.

Fun with friends! 
Dad's head make a perfect arm rest...and
apparently tastes yummy

the cycle of tummy time. Happy to not so happy
I'm having fun making picture collages, so look forward to more of those :)

p.s. thanks for taking a nap!! It makes the afternoon so much less...whiny.  I think we'll go for a second walk after you wake up.

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