Letters to a daughter from her parents, starting from before she was born

Monday, May 12, 2014

Happy mother's day and 15 week update

Thank you to you and your awesome dad for the wonderful Mother's Day!  It was so special.

We slept in, and dad brought me breakfast in bed.  Rather...you slept in because you stayed up half of the night and wanted to nap the morning away. After you woke up, we went to the mall because I thought I could buy myself some clothing that fit as a gift...turns out I still hate shopping for clothing.  We headed over to a restaurant for lunch afterwards and ran into our good friends, the Carty's who were finishing up their lunch and invited us over for some board games. We happily left the over crowded mall at that point and went to their house where we stayed until your bedtime forced us home.

My big present was a new phone. It's an unlocked nexus 5, so I'm not stuck on anyone's contract now. It's very similar to my nexus 10 tablet and takes incredible quality pictures. It is the best camera we own now, which blows my mind.  Technology is advancing so quickly. I can't wait to see what your generation comes up with.

Here are some personal updates. I borrowed this from a friend's blog, and really like the format.

diaper size: mostly cloth, but at night we're finishing up our size ones and using size 2's.
clothing: while you can fit into 3-6 month stuff, you can also fit into 6-9 month clothing pretty well.
diet: mama milk
sleep: hahaha...sadly unpredictable. Some nights you're awesome, so nights you're up every few hours to eat.
baby gear love: your swing. I'm scared of when you outgrow it! You love your play mat too
milestones/firsts: laughing!! It's so awesome
likes: Being held, wrapped, people watching, lots of kisses
dislikes: getting out of the bath (you love being in it), getting your nails clipped, waking up
things I don't want to forget: My first mother's Day, all of your wonderful snuggles, and your great laugh. I don't want to forget all of your burbling and how much fun you and dad have talking to each other.

hanging out with daddy

More pictures?
She looks so amused

They were both talking to each other

That blissful morning nap

It totally looks like she's waving.

Hanging out with mommy