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Friday, July 12, 2013

Week 8 Journal

This journal might pause for a week when I go to the midwife next week and get a due date, but it was explained to me that I should prefer a later due date, because I don't want to go so over that I can't have the baby at the birthing center I want to go to.  On that note, I'm switching doctor's to go to the local birthing center, so I can have the water birth I've always dreamed of.  If you like

How Far Along: Somewhere in the 8 week mark

Size of baby:  the size of a kidney bean or a raspberry! Your grandfather finds this hilarious.

Gender: Don't know yet!

Movement:  All I feel is grumbling intestines lol

How I'm Changing: My belly is getting bigger, and harder, and I have one pair of capri's that I can comfortably button. Actually, that's a lie. I don't button them, and just use the draw string to tie them closed.  I'm pretty sure I'm going to get a nice baby belly.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: truthfully...I'm not getting on a scale. It scares me.  To go from losing weight for so long, to gaining weight and being too tired to do anything...is pretty discouraging. I know I'm growing a person though, so I'll just stay off the scale.

Maternity Clothes: Tomorrow I'm planning on some skirt making with my friend Amy.  She's so talented, and will give me some skirts that will FIT!

How I'm Feeling: Pretty good. The nausea has kicked up a bit.  I'm still having the ligament soreness, and my lower back is getting stiff.  No heartburn, or puking. So I'm good with that!  Oh, still completely exhausted.

Sleep: What be dat?  Actually I've been getting up 1-2 times a night, and still having some issues sleeping well, but I can't complain.

What I miss: Let's see...healthy eating habits, clothing that fits, a desire to do ANYTHING, exercise that doesn't make me want to puke, and a real schedule.  Yeah, this trimester has played havoc on my schedule

What I'm Eating: Applesauce, pizza, peanut butter....whatever other people feed me. Seriously, I can eat most anything once. After that, I seem to be just done with it.  Stuff tastes awesome that first time though!


Best Moment this week:  Having my friend come out in a thunderstorm to bring me quiche.  That was just too sweet for words.  Also, letting my friends feel my tummy, pretty cool.

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