Letters to a daughter from her parents, starting from before she was born

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

5 months

Dear baby girl,
5 months old
The months have flown by with frightening rapidity.  You're getting so big, but still so tiny. You manual dexterity is increasing by the day, and I can see you learning how to sit by yourself better, and learning the mechanics of crawling. You watch me eat, but have no interest in food in your own mouth. You like to reach into people's mouths (please stop doing this!), and smile all the time.  You're such a fun and easy going child. You have no aversion to strangers and new people, which makes it much easier for me to do things like use the bathroom while we're visiting friends.  You're enjoying watching other babies and people, quite a bit, although today at IKEA you just fell asleep while people watching.

diaper size 2 in disposables, and we've loosened your cloth diapers one spot.
clothing I've packed away all of your 0-3 clothing, and now you're mostly in 3-6 month onsies, 6-9 month pants, and some 6-9 month sleepers, jumpers and outfits.
diet You're still exclusively nursing.  I may be in the minority, but I'm not really looking forward to solids, for a variety of reasons.
sleep You usually sleep 6-7 hours and then another 4-5 after you eat and then perhaps another 2.  You take three naps usually, of varying lengths. They depend on what we're doing that day, and if we're out and about.  You've been nursing for a long time to go to bed, and then waking up and wanting to nurse for a long time again. It might be because you've got 2 teeth that are about to come in, or because you're getting better at sleeping longer stretches at night.
Meeting Mariette for lunch @ IKEA
baby gear love I am loving your high chair that we finally set up. It's great to let you sit and play with your toys.  You love the cold teether that Uncle Shawn brought you. You still like the crinkly monkey, and your sophie giraffe. We just bought you a pacifier attached to a stuffed animal, and you seem to like that you can hold it.
milestones/firsts You're rolling a lot more, although that isn't a first. We're going to have two teeth far too soon though.
likes nursing, giggling, snuggles, being wrapped and walked, playing with your toys,
dislikes waking up alone, being tired/hungry, the last couple of minutes of almost every car ride.
things I don't want to forget I don't want to forget the awesome giggles. I don't want to forget the fun we had on Father's Day, and our wedding anniversary. I don't want to forget how precious it is to hold you close as you nurse, and just let you fall asleep on my chest. I know I will never have this again and I want to cherish every second of your existence.

Thank you for giving us these five months. We are blessed to have you.
This adorable outfit was from Grandma Kimmie
Dad somehow shoehorned you into these TINY TINY pants.
You didn't approve. 
This is the shirt the birth center gave us.
I'm framing it when you out grow it. 
Apparently you can feed yourself bottles now.
Good to know! 

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  1. Hey, has she worn any of the outfits I bought her yet? Show me pictures, LOL!