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Monday, July 7, 2014

5 months continued (Annapolis, grandpa visit and solids)

This month has already had lots of fun stuff.  Your growth is coming so quickly now. You went from always falling over when you sat, to sitting and playing by yourself for a few minutes at a time before you fall over...or give up and roll onto your belly.  You can roll easily from your belly to your back, and while you have the muscles you aren't motivated to roll the other direction. You love being worn so you can chew and see the world at the time time.  Life is a big adventure for you!

diaper size: You're still in 2's
clothing: mostly 6-9 month.
I gave you a little on a spoon, but you liked playing with the
whole thing
diet: You're still exclusively breastfed, although you've sucked on a carrot, chewed on a pea and tasted some avocado. You pretty much like everything you can get in your mouth.
sleep: You get up once to eat.
baby gear love: You love all your toys, your exercauser entertains you for a few minutes (we don't want you in there very long anyways), and love being worn.
milestones/firsts: You can sit! You like chewing on veggies
likes: Mom, sleep, giggles, food, toys.
dislikes: When you can't see mom (although you're fascinated with new people), being tired.
You love this toy, and are fascinated by Newton
things I don't want to forget: EVERYTHING!  I don't want to forget the snuggles, the giggles, how delicious you smell, the fun of taking a bath and having you splash so much water that our bathroom almost flooded, the fun you have all the time and the million other little things we do each day. I definitely don't want to forget how much fun you had with grandpa!

Grandpa love!

Dad made a 'paleo pacificer' out of a carrot.
You drooled EVERYWHERE

Grilling with Grandpa and chewing on a pea from his garden

Chilling on the back porch

snuggles with momma

You were all worn out from walking around Annapolis

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