Letters to a daughter from her parents, starting from before she was born

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Professional pictures

A wonderful babywearing momma (and professional photographer Natasha King) took these fabulous pictures of us at the scenic Centennial Park in Columbia. You can check out her website here. It was a stunningly beautiful day, and aside from having to avoid goose poop (which was so plentiful) we had a fantastic time. Ada was a bit tired and had her grumpy baby face on, but Natasha still managed to get some fantastic shots of her.  Another momma Louisa (also a fabulous babywearing lady) lent me the cogs ring sling for the shoot. It was so soft, and perfect and there was drooling indeed. Dad had a great timing wearing you in some pictures as well.

As we were getting our last set of pictures done, a butterfly landed on the grass in front of us. I knelt down to show you your first butterfly and you gingerly put your hand towards it, as if pointing it out.  You were mesmerized by it's beauty.  It climbed onto your father's finger, so we had pictures taken with it, and then dad put it on a tree.  It was such a touching moment.  
Number 1 favorite picture. We had this blown up,
and will frame it.
You're smiling at your dad

We were trying so hard to get you to smile.
The background is perfect.

You were happiest when you were the center of attention!
Check out those overalls that grandma got you!

You really were almost asleep at this point

I adore this picture

Obviously we needed a cheek squishing picture!

This is our favorite family photo

A perfect moment.