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Monday, February 3, 2014

It's a beautiful life

Dear Ada,

Today you are 10 days old.  You are still spending 99% of your life in one of our arms.  We only get this time once, and I don't want to let you go!  It seems if I'm not hugging and kissing you, I'm taking pictures. I really should use a real camera, but my phone is generally more handy.

We had a busy weekend of visitors, all of whom were so happy to meet and snuggle you. A look of peace settles over people's faces when they hold you. It's amazing...you are addictive! On Sunday you had your professional pictures taken.  It was going pretty well until you woke up...and then were much more interested in nursing for the next 90 minutes instead of falling back asleep.  I know that there will be some excellent pictures of you though, and we're going to try to do more pictures each month to see you grow.

You had your first bath, and you absolutely loved it. Dad held you and you floated around happily. You would occasionally attempt to drink the water. Afterwards, I was able to dress you in a ridiculously cute owl towel and get some snuggle time in.
Is this owl towel ridiculously cute? 

Life is quiet. We're just spending our time snuggling you, feeding you (and me), watching Star Trek and sleeping. This time has been blissful and amazing. I'm going to miss it. It feels like we're living in this idyllic little bubble that will burst eventually.

Obligatory selfie with sleeping baby (2/3)
Our motto:)
Ada's first board game!

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