Letters to a daughter from her parents, starting from before she was born

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Three weeks old!

Baby girl,
Last night/today we've gotten around 12-15 inches of snow.  It started with snow, the moved to sleet, then hail, and now we're back to snow.  It's been an interesting day for weather!  I am happy that your dad and grandparents are here and we've had a fun snow day.  Right now you're on your grandfather's lap. You took a nice long nap on grandma earlier and I'm sorta excited to dress you up in the adorable clothing that she brought.    

I pulled out my baby picture so you can figure out if you look like me or your dad. What do you think? Sorry about the obnoxious formatting. Maybe one day I'll figure it out.  

Me! See that little bow? Apparently they had to
 use vasaline to get it to stay on.
Ada at 2 weeks...2-3lbs larger than I was in the picture above
Now I need to find a picture of your dad.  Well...here are some of your many expressions this week...

I loooove this adorable outfit! 
This is her fightin' face! 
We're having a fun time getting stuck in the snow, and I promise lots of grandparent pictures then!
Love you babe!

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