Letters to a daughter from her parents, starting from before she was born

Friday, February 21, 2014

4 weeks old, Grandparent visit

My love,

We had a fun week, as my parents came to visit. I have to admit...you slept most of the visit, but you were game for some photo ops and sundry. Next time we'll get more photos. You seemed to enjoy all the attention and laps, and generally (except for that hour at night that you always seem to get mad) were in good spirits. You're still nursing really well, and sleeping more and longer at night.  

Our first outing outside of doctor's visits was to Costco. You slept the entire time, which was a relief to me. I will eventually be comfortable taking you out in public, but I feel bad taking you somewhere, having you wake up screaming and not being able to readily comfort you. Luckily we've gotten the hang of the moby wrap and you really seem to enjoy it (once again, I gauge enjoyment based on how unconscious you are) and I have been taking walks in it every day.  I'm enjoying this time to build up my core muscles, and the muscle memory involved in using the Moby will help me with other woven wraps.   

I've been talking to you, thinking of these deep meaningful blog posts before I go to sleep at night, to awaken in the morning remembering that you rarely let me put you down, and I don't have the ability to type all of this on my phone. I can't complain though, you are so wonderful to snuggle, you smell so good and I only have this time in my life once. Already I can see you growing and a part of me is sad. Those days right after you were born were blissful, and we'll never get them back.  
Yes, I'm aware that my mother looks *just like me!* 
He drove all day, and was so happy to see you!!


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