Letters to a daughter from her parents, starting from before she was born

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Two weeks old

My lovable squish ball,
Two weeks. Really?  No way. It is going by too quickly already.  We've had a great time getting to know each other and you seem to be enjoy being 'on the outside' more, although you still sleep 20 hours a day. We're sort of settling into a routine, although that's going to straight to hell when dad goes back to work next week.  

This week we got to try out more babywearing. This morning your dad needed to make a bagel, so he put you in the ring sling, and you stopped fussing and immediately fell asleep. I was so happy for a couple more hours of sleep.  Then later I made my goal to put you in the moby wrap and walk to the mailbox.  As soon as I put you in it...you fell asleep.  I love it! 

Now Mary Jo is holding you. You went to her wedding back in November. You decided to kick like crazy during Ave Maria, and I think you had fun when we danced at the wedding reception.  She's very reluctant to put you down, but seeing how you've been asleep the entire time, I can see why.  

Love you sweetie...thank you for being so fabulous,


Pictures since our last entry:
The first time I wore her in the ring sling.
Well...at least well enough to want to take a picture! 
You share our hatred of laundry night...
or are just angry that I wasn't holding you
morning nap with Dad. 
First time in the moby wrap, and she passed out. The hat was a gift from my aunt Cathy. She used a pattern of my grandmother's.  I bawled my eyes out when I found this out, and couldn't wait to put it on her. 
My face is so squishy!!!
Mary Jo may never let me have her back! 
Ada wrapped in the baby blanket I crocheted.


  1. What sweet pics! I love the hat, and your blanket is gorgeous!! I'm not sure Ada will thank you for that closeup when she is old enough to care, but I sure am glad you shared it- what an awesome view of that squishy wonderful little face!!

    1. Aaron took it. I totally wanted to make it my profile picture :)

  2. You look so happy!! Motherhood suits you.

  3. She gets more beautiful every time I see her. So do you.
    You have taken to motherhood like a duck to water.