Letters to a daughter from her parents, starting from before she was born

Thursday, January 30, 2014

One week birthday

My love,
Congratulations on your first week of life.  Here are some highlights
*today you found your thumb
*last night you Skyped with your grandparents in Oregon
*you nurse like a champ, meaning I never got engorged. Thank you so much.
*you'll sleep four hour stretches, usually once during the day and then once between 4-8am.
*your father is regretting is hasty offer of diaper duty after you started pooping all the time.
*you fall right asleep in the car, and dont seem to mind your car seat but our only outings have been to your pediatrician.
*you're wearing 0-3m clothing because it's easier to get you in and out of for diaper changes.
*your umbilical stump fell off on day six.
*newborn diapers? We went through a pack in six days and switched to our vast collection of size one. We're going to start with cloth soon though.
*every day you turn me into one of those seagulls from Finding Nemo that just say, "mine mine mine mine mine!!" There is a little "my precious" mixed in there too.
*Daddy hates handing you over at mealtime because you're just too squishy perfect.

The random stream of baby facts is brought to you by the blogger app on my phone and the sleeping baby on my shoulder.


  1. so cute!! Im soo happy for you and glad you are soo happy!! I live for your updates!!!

  2. She is beautiful. You are so lucky to have such an easy baby. Keep up the good work and just enjoy having her.

  3. Enjoying your blog. Enjoy that baby since Grandparents are going to be arriving soon and we'll want some squishy love.