Letters to a daughter from her parents, starting from before she was born

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Burn list

Dear baby,
Yeah, that beloved morning sickness is kicking in. It's more of an all day low grade nausea actually.  I woke up at 4am and was starving, so I came downstairs and ate some peanut butter crackers.  Seriously, my house is so full of snack food that I'd never have around before, but now is the staple of my diet in an attempt to eat lots of small snacks.  I have now what I refer to as a 'burn list' of foods that I ate, and the next day absolutely despise.

So far on this list I have
-steak (oh so sad)
-Persian food I ate that was awesome at the time...
-the chicken patty and salad I attempted to have for lunch
(and this list will keep growing!)

According to Wikipedia there are evolutionary reasons for nausea during pregnancy. The theory is that the first trimester is a time of the most development, and the body is trying to reject any foods that could hold potentially harmful substances to the fetus.  There have actually been studies that women who have less morning sickness are more prone to miscarriage, so I'm accepting this morning sickness as a sign of a healthy baby.

I've been overwhelmed with the love I'm getting from the people that know about you.  Your grandmother is already attempting to pick out what name you'll call her, and thinks you look like a shrimp in your sonogram.  My wonderful friends, knowing how long this journey was for us are overjoyed, and many have cried.  I'm tired, I'm worried, but I'm surrounded by love and kindness, and that makes everything okay.


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