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Sunday, December 29, 2013

36 week journal

Hey babe...
That time that you shall arrive is drawing closer every day, and you're getting BIG.  I have this lovely rounded belly on top because your rump (and feet tucked behind it) are resting there.

I've been testing my blood now for over a week, and while I can never get my fasting levels below 95, they are consistently below 100, and I don't have a problem with any other number. I actually am eating less carbs than they 'suggested' and my numbers have been lower as a result. I think that they were telling me to eat too many (65 for lunch and dinner with two 35 carb snacks) and as a result I was eating things I didn't want to eat to just get enough carbohydrates. Also, since I have to couple the carbs/protein together...it was just too much food.

We are so ready for you to arrive.  The nursery is done. I have been awful at studying my meditations and such, but your bag is sort of packed. Actually...I bought you this adorable newborn outfit, so could you please fit into newborn clothing for at least one day of your life?  Thanks!!

How far along: 36 weeks

Size of baby: A honeydew...although who knows how big you really are

Gender: girl

Movement: Yep...still moving lots. We had lots of fun last night poking you and then watching you move in annoyance.  It's fun to annoy you!

How I'm Changing: This belly...it's freaking ridiculous.  If I said I felt pregnant and waddly before, I LIED.  I have noticed that less sugar means my feet hurt soooo muchhh less!!

Maternity Clothes: Ha...I tried to wear a non-maternity t-shirt yesterday (I really should have just grabbed one of dad's) and it was ridiculous.  I had to wear the bella band (I hate) with it just so it wasn't indecent.

How I'm Feeling: I go through days where I'm utterly exhausted and then some where I have some energy. Today I was tired but went to the mall with my friend and walked quite a bit.  I am finding that I need more naps in the afternoon and tend to feel better afterwards.

Sleep: So, the earplugs lasted maybe 5 days. I just kicked him to the guest room. I miss sleeping with him, but I was getting up every 2 hours and wasn't able to fall back asleep. I think I've felt better the last few days because I can fall back asleep so much faster if I sleep alone.

What I miss: I'd say sugar and not counting carbs, but I'm enjoying learning new things about food.  Perhaps I miss not walking into things with my belly.  It happens all...the...damn...time.

What I'm Eating: a lot of protein.  I start my day with a peice of toast with pb, and finish my day with a 50g protein shake.  Lots of protein.

Cravings: I have to say...I would love a cupcake, but the overwhelming need for sugar, and my permissiveness in allowing myself to have it is gone.

Best Moment this week: This week has been full of fun! On Monday my grandmother came to visit with her sister in law and brought you beautiful blankets (one is from Aunt Ricki, and another grandma made).  We had a lovely time.  Then we had a nice laid back Christmas, followed by having friends over all weekend.  I'm sorta tired...but it was lovely to see people!

Love you babe...so many people can't wait to meet you!!!


baby belly with a kitty. It's not the picture, my belly is pretty
permanently to the right thanks to your placement. 

Three generations! 

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