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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Week 16 midwife visit

Hey baby,

We went to the midwives this morning for my check up. I only have to go every 5-6 weeks, which makes me it easier than every 4 weeks, since dad insists on being at every visit!

We showed up exactly at 11am, and I signed in.  Since they usually want me to pee in a cup (which I have a serious problem doing. I always miss) I was holding my bladder...20 minutes later with no sign of getting called up, I was dying and went up to the front desk to ask. Yeah, it turns out the receptionist had NEVER SEEN US sitting there, and thought we were a no show.  Luckily I go to pee, and we were immediately sent back with our favorite (okay, she's the only one we've seen but we really like her) midwife.

This time she had no trouble at all finding your heartbeat, although you kept kicking the doppler, and I was having a really hard time not laughing.  Your heart rate was 140, and the top of my uterus is almost at my belly button. I measured (well my uterus did) 14cm I think. She said it was all normal/good etc.

It turns out my old OB never sent the paperwork over. It's been 6 weeks, and no paperwork.  If I hadn't gone through the trouble of finding out how to, and printing out all of my test results that they made available online, I would have been screwed.  Today they did some more STD testing (b/c that wasn't showing on the paperwork), and blood testing (even though I knew my blood type).  I believe RH is going to be an issue since I'm negative and almost positive (hehe) that Aaron is positive.

I was happy to discover that I gained 2lbs in the last 3 weeks, and although it was around 7lbs for the last 6 weeks, it slowed a lot when I was able to start walking more without feeling disgusting.
When I found out that I was pregnant, even though I'd wanted this for so long, I was utterly terrified.  I still am on some level.  But on Sunday we went to a BBQ at a friend's house, and had the opportunity to hold and snuggle a beautiful 2 week old girl.  I had no fear or trepidation holding her, which, with all the experience I've had holding newborn shouldn't surprise me.  But it seemed like the universe was telling me...it's time to be excited, and happy, and elated and the time for fear was in the past.

Dad enjoyed holding the baby too, although he seemed to want to lay her across his chest, and she seemed to like to wiggle for him.  So adorable.  I told the baby's mom that I can't wait to get a picture of dad holding in a carrier while playing video games. I can see it now!

So baby...I'm so incredibly excited. Our lives are going to be turned upside down, and we're going to love it and love you.  In 22 days we find out if you're a girl or a boy.  We can guess before then, I mean we've got a 50% chance of being right!

I'm off to buy cat food, since I don't fancy them nibbling on my toes.


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