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Monday, August 12, 2013

What's your blood type? Are you still puking?

Hello Baby,

When we went to the midwives last week, I pointed out that I had O- blood and was pretty sure Dad was O+.  He wasn't sure until I asked him, "wait...don't you still have your dog tags? It will be listed on there!" Sure enough...his blood type is listed on his dog tags, and I'll have to get the shot.  The midwife just told him to photocopy his dog tags and bring them in next time, to put in my file. Even though I already knew my blood type (through testing it in high school, and donating blood) they still needed it 'officially' on record, so they took more blood.

I expected the blood letting experience to be awful. The first time they took blood, when I was at my first OB appointment, the lady couldn't get blood out of one arm, and had to stick my other arm. Oh yes, and it hurt.  The time I was talking to the woman and just grimaced when the needle went in. It wasn't bad at all. Not that I want to have my blood taken frequently, but if someone is going to do it, this lady can!

So babe...you're going to be a universal donor. Congratulations!  I'd just suggest not giving the Red Cross your phone number, or they'll harass you until you change your phone number like I had to.  Something about low blood pressure and giving blood mysteriously left me sick for days afterwards.

I'm excited to find all of these other ladies expecting around the same time as I am! It makes me feel like we're part of this special little clique.  I do however need to come up with some witty answer other than 'tired' when people constantly ask how I'm feeling.  I go between 'tired' and 'pregnant,' and that seems to be enough for people.

The second most common question was how sick I was the first trimester.  Let's get that out here.  It sucked. I HATED almost every moment of feeling like death warmed over.  I went from exercising and cooking daily, to not being able to move most days, and eating take out every day. I gained 10 lbs, and none of my clothing fit.  I wanted to throw up most of the time, but never did.  The first trimester sucked, and everything after that pales in comparison.  Even though the end of this pregnancy is going to be difficult and sucky, I will have had time to adjust to the idea of my body being taken over, and changed by this little parasite (that's you kid) growing inside of me.  It was a real psychological battle for me, that first trimester. I had gone from feeling good about my body, and what I was doing to become stronger and healthier...and all that got thrown on it's head.  I did what I promised I'd never do, I started resenting the timing of this pregnancy.  It took a little while...I had to get over that defense mechanism of detachment that I formed in case we lost the pregnancy; but I have grown to love you and finally be excited.  I know our lives are going to be turned upside down, but I'm looking forward to it.

That's about all for now.  We're really excited about our gender reveal party on the 31st.  I haven't figured out exactly what we'll do it yet...but I think that it will just be fabulous to have people over to eat, drink and merry. Also, cake is a huge plus.


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