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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Reasons my mommy is crying...


Most people have seen the website Reasons My Son is Crying. It's hilarious, right?  Well, it got just a little less hilarious for me when I became pregnant, and apparently turned into a toddler.  I actually remember watching a commercial for a new medication that cured a disorder (perhaps the pseudobulbar affect) where you cry for no reason, and said out loud, (to an empty room) "OMG a commercial just gave me a disorder!"  Alas, I'm only pregnant and full of more hormones than should be legal, pretty much ever.

So I started to compile a list...of the random, and ridiculous crap that has made me cry.  A lunch with a friend yesterday reminded me of the list, and I decided to share it with you.  Feel free to laugh your butt off at my expense.

Here are some funny ones 
  • Cake Boss talking about Hurricane Sandy...
  • Thinking too hard about kittens (no, seriously, your father thought it was HILARIOUS to say cutsie crap in a baby voice and watch me tear up).  
  • An insurance commercial with a pregnant lady.  Oh yeah...that totally got me.
  • An argument we had over talking too much/long before we go to sleep
  • A story on NPR about a teen with arthritis
  • Let's be serious here, pretty much ANY human interest story
  • Last night...a Guinness commercial with a dude in a wheelchair. And because I'm a jerk and want all of you chumps to cry too, please watch it here
  • I've cried because I've laughed so hard at fart jokes (welcome to our family Ada!) 
  • I sang to you, my love, with tears running down my face.  
  • I cried last night when Dad leaned over and put his head on my belly and said "Good night Ada!" and you kicked him in the head.  And he said "Good night Ada" again, and you kicked him again!  And...I'm crying now thinking about it.  

Here are some more serious ones
  • Worried about my baby shower not getting planned (I have this serious 'nobody loves me complex' that I need to work on)
  • Being scared about having no idea what I'm doing (like anyone really does?)
  • Aaron getting home late from work (in my defense, it was like 1 am...)
  • Being tired and not able to do all of the things I want to do (this is a daily battle)
  • I've cried because I can't stop crying.
Every pregnant woman has stories of the random things this rush of cry hormones has done to her, but I've discovered, in a weird way, all of this crying to be cathartic. My entire life, I was told to hold the tears back, and that they showed some sort of weakness, but it isn't true.  While I don't want to cry those gut wrenching, you wish you were dead tears ever again, those tears rolling down my cheeks when you kicked your dad, those tears when I sing to you, the tears in my eyes now...those tears are welcome.  They bring a sense of calm and humility to me, because my body is making a freaking miracle, and I have almost no control over it.  It's pretty damn humbling.  

To all my friends: What made you cry when you were pregnant? 

Weepy mom

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