Letters to a daughter from her parents, starting from before she was born

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Seven weeks

You look like the most colorful caterpillar in the world.
All the work I put into this blanket was totally worth it.
This week you're continuing to make new cooing, or in your case gooing noises. It's pretty cute to see you and your father playing 'the nose game.' Whenever he rubs your nose, you make a happy noise. We're also getting more smilies.
Every couple of days you seem to throw up...not spit up, but regurgitate everything you've eaten. It's gross but serving as a excellent excuse for a bath. We know you're sensitive to eggs and we're experimenting with dairy. I'm leery to completely cut out dairy (cheese is all I have) if you're just fussy at your normal time in the evening. Only time will tell.
I really hope I can make it to the store and buy you an adorable St. Patrick's day outfit. I'm enjoying all these photo opportunities, but we really need to get some professional pictures done. You've changed so much in two months, and I long to be that obnoxious parent with too many pictures. I'm slowing killing my phone by having too many pictures on it, and I can't decide which one to take off, because I like trapping people and making them look at every picture I've taken of you..since you were born.  Speaking of that, last night dad and I looked at all of the birth pictures that Cara took, and there are some really awesome ones.

Ready for a walk! I like to spread the passes over you to keep you extra snug.

After a few wonderfully warm days, it's suddenly gotten really cold again and I don't want to take you anywhere. We'd been going on walks every day when it was warmer. I love wrapping you, and you love it too. You generally sleep and occasionally wake up to look around and go back to sleep. I'm not entirely sure what is going on with my goofy smile,but you were so comfortable that it was worth it.  

Thank you little girl for being pretty darn wonderful.  There is so much going on right now that could potentially be cripplingly stressful, but it's not.  Maybe it's you, having you, smelling you, holding you, just makes everything that much better and more manageable.  

Mom (and Dad)
Find the baby!
You're starting  to like playing, and looking in a mirror
I didn't pose you. You're actually sleeping like this. It's a little creepy

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