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Saturday, August 30, 2014

6 into 7 month changes

You're changing so much. I look back on your little squish pictures and miss when you were tiny, but I'm loving watching you grow.  You learned to crawl. Um...sorta. It's this army crawl using primarily your arms. You don't have the coordination to get up into the crawl position and actually move forward. It doesn't bother you, since you can book it pretty quickly across the floor, in your constant, but vain attempts to catch the cat. The cats find you mildly amusing and annoying and get very close to you until you try pulling their hair out and then leave in a huff.

I was trying to prepare dinner one night and looked up and saw you moving towards the chair. I quickly grabbed my camera and got some bad video, so the one below is from the next day.

You had been chewing on your fingers frequently, so I finally managed to get a look at your top gum and your right front top tooth is almost through.  That accounts for some serious crankiness and whining lately.
We've sorta of babyproofed the living room so that you can crawl around and not get hurt.  You're enjoying the space to roam and discovered how to turn the x-box off today...while we were watching a show.

You've been taking more naps on my back lately, because it's just not worth fighting with you about sleeping in your crib. If you'll sleep longer on me and sleep through my dropping dishes, all the better.

People occasionally ask if you ever cry. The answer yes, however not that often. You generally whine...a lot. You can even whine and smile at the same time. It's your special power.  Generally you're a really happy baby, because you don't ask for unreasonable things and get your way.  I do wish you'd stop trying to roll away while we changed you though. It's really annoying and drives dad nuts.

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